Hello my name is Star, I am six years old. I go to our local country school and have many friends who I love very much. I have an undiagnosed brain condition so I cannot walk or talk yet, but I understand everything and I am very cheeky!
My communications teacher calls me a little toad because I love to play tricks on her.

I live with Mummy and Daddy in the country, and at the moment we have Melanie staying with us. Mel is an occupational therapist so we are very lucky. She is helping Mummy while Daddy is busy. We do physiotherapy every day. This is called ABR, Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation. If you would like to click on the links below, you can read all about it. It has helped me to start to use my hands and changed my body to help me move.
I love going to school, and now I have two communication devices which I am using to answer questions and to spell and count. It is very exciting and I hope you will follow my progress as I get better.

Lots of love me xxx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Merit award

I am very happy because I got the class merit award for my spelling using my communication devices. I also made a speech about my family at the school assembly.
I was sick again with the flu and ear infection but am back at school again. I missed out on my orthapaedic appointment because I was sick.
I am turning the pages of my readers by myself.
We are off to Singapore for my ABR in mid July. I want to go back to the zoo and visit the elephants again. Last time I fed them and they sucked my hands!
Love me

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tooth fairy delivered!

Hello, I lost another tooth and the tooth fairy came this morning. I have two more charms for my bracelet, a Star because she said I was a shining Star, and a dolphin for peace and calm. Mummy put them on for me so I could show Mel. They are very pretty, and the dolphin reminds me of the dolphin I went swimming with.

I am sick again with the flu and now Mel and Mummy have it too. Daddy is away on his final test so he hasn't caught it yet.

We have a mouse in our garage so the cat has been told to sleep in the garage and catch the mouse. I think this is a smart mouse because he wont get caught in the trap, and he hasn't been caught by the cat. He just likes eating the horse feed. Mel was worried the cat would eat all the horse feed too if we put in the garage because she eats almost anything (except mice apparently!)

Tomorrow is school but I am still sick so I will have to stay home with boring Mummy and Mel. I have an appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday so we can see if my back is any better!

Love me xx

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My friend Mel

My friend Mel, who helps take care of me and teaches me German!
I lost another tooth on Saturday so waiting for the tooth fairy.
Had a great day at school yesterday but didnt sleep so well last night so am very tired today.
Tracey had her birthday and we had yummy chocolate cake with cream!
Love me

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sydney Easter Show 2010

Mummy Daddy and me at the Easter Show

Finally feeling better

I haven't been that well over the last week, with a cold and an ear infection so I have been very grumpy and crying a lot (Mummy and Daddy were not too happy!) Uncle Glen and Uncle Ash came and visited us on Sunday. They stayed the night but Uncle Ash had cold feet in the morning because he was too tall for the bed. He bought me a beautiful bracelet all the way from Hong Kong from Auntie Barbs Lainy and Timmy. It was very pretty so thank you.

This is Uncle Glens helicopter on our front lawn!!!

Today I had a great day at school. Lots of laughing with my friends and I did my news which everybody enjoyed.

Tomorrow we might all go to the Berry Celtic Festival.
Bye for now
Love me xxxxx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Full moon

I am still having problems sleeping, Mummy is convinced it is because of the full moon. She has been putting my ABR machine on every night and sometimes this helps me to sleep, kind of like a massage. Mel and Mummy do ABR on me in the afternoon, Mel listens to German books and I think I know a few words in German now.

Mummy and Mel have been playing connect four with me and I have been beating them both! I manage to trick them with my moves and win, which makes me very happy.

Daddy gets home on Friday so I will have to beat him too.

Lots of love

Me xx

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quiet time

Nothing much has been happening. I was supposed to go to the Moscow Circus with Mummy Daddy Mark and Tracey and my best friend Madi but I got sick and couldn't really do much except lie around and sleep. Everybody was a bit worried about me and I was really tired. I am much better now except now I am having great difficulty sleeping at night. I am back at school and got a really warm welcome from all my friends when I arrived on Monday.
I did lots of spelling over the weekend with Mel, on my Dynavox. I also got a great new game from my cousins Sophia and Harper in NZ called Connect Four. Mel and Mummy have been teaching me how to play.
Lots of love me xx